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What Is Pip Coverage And What Does It Pay?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2019 | Florida PIP

What Is Pip Coverage And What Does It Pay?

What is PIP Coverage and What Does It Pay?

Personal Injury Protection coverage, or PIP for short, is a form “No-Fault Insurance” that Florida law requires every vehicle owner to carry.  The amount of PIP coverage is set by the applicable Florida Statutes.  PIP pays up to $10,000.00 for medical and wage loss benefits, and up to $5,000.00 for death benefits.

Your own insurance company will provide PIP coverage to pay for medical care and treatment of injuries you suffer during a crash, regardless of who is at fault for causing the crash.  It covers you and all members of your household who are injured in a crash.

PIP coverage will generally pay 80% of your medical bills and 60% of any wage loss caused by a crash.  These benefits are available until each claimant’s coverage limits have been paid in full by the insurance company.  Payment of PIP coverage may be subject to satisfaction of a deductible, if your policy provides for one.  All insurance companies in Florida may offer PIP coverage that is subject to a PIP deductible, but it is hardly ever a good idea to buy PIP coverage that is subject to a deductible.

There are significant time-limitations that could affect your entitlement to PIP coverage. On May 4, 2012 a bill was signed into law designed to address fraud in PIP claims.  Now, after an automobile crash, you must seek medical care from a legitimate medical provider within 14 days of the crash to qualify for PIP benefits.  If you don’t get medical treatment within that 14 day period, your insurance company may deny your claim for PIP coverage.

In addition to the time limitations, there are other requirements that must be satisfied in order to get the full amount of your PIP coverage limits.  If a qualified physician certifies in writing that the crash caused you to suffer an “emergency medical condition,” then the entire coverage limit of $10,000 should be available to you.  Otherwise, if you do not have an “emergency medical condition,” you will generally be limited to getting only $2,500.00 of the total PIP coverage; even though you have paid premiums for $10,000 in benefits.

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