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Will My Case Settle Without My Attorney Filing Suit?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2019 | Case Settlements, Lawsuit, Legal

Will My Case Settle Without My Attorney Filing Suit?

Being injured in a car crash that was caused by another person’s negligence does not always mean that your attorney will have to file suit to get fair compensation for your injuries, medical expenses (past and present), lost wages, and pain and suffering.  Filing suit is often a last resort for when the insurance adjuster refuses to properly evaluate your claim or is otherwise being unreasonable with their settlement offers.

Most car crash cases settle during the “pre-suit” stage.  In fact . . . most do.   But a good lawyer doesn’t start a case thinking that way.

The Barker Law Firm starts every case with the expectation that it will have to be decided by a jury.  That approach means that when your case is presented to the insurance company for settlement consideration during the “pre-suit” stage, it is prepared and presented just as it would be for trial.  There are many advantages to this approach; all of which benefit you – the client.

While you are getting treatment for your injuries, sometimes having diagnostic studies, or if necessary undergoing surgery, we are compiling information regarding your injuries and economic damages.  Economic damages would include your medical expenses (past, present and future), lost wages that you incurred and any other financial losses you have incurred, or will incur in the future, as a direct result of the crash.

After your doctor has determined that you have reached “maximum medical improvement” — which means there will be no change in your medical condition in the foreseeable future — we will prepare a settlement demand letter for presentation to the insurance company.  That letter starts the “pre-suit” settlement process and fully informs the insurance company of all the injuries, medical treatment, expenses and damages you suffered as a result of the crash.  Relevant evidence is provided with the settlement demand letter.  That evidence includes things such as medical records and reports, medical bills, documentation of lost wages, photographs of the property damage and photographs of your injuries.

During this pre-suit stage, The Barker Law Firm will make every reasonable effort to get your case settled for an amount of money that will fully compensate you for the losses, injuries and damages caused by the crash and the negligent driver who caused it.  However, if the insurance company refuses to be reasonable . . . The Barker Law Firm will be ready to file a lawsuit against those that caused the crash.

Insurance companies know which law firms will file suit and go to trial, and which law firms will just settle a case during the pre-suit stage for whatever they can get. The Barker Law Firm has a reputation of going to trial and winning.

To really protect yourself and your future after an automobile crash that is not your fault, you should retain the services of a law firm that has years of experience dealing with automobile insurance companies. The Barker Law Firm is that firm.

Initial consultations are always FREE at The Barker Law Firm. And you won’t pay any FEES or COSTS unless you receive a financial recovery.  The Barker Law Firm will fight hard to recover every dollar you are legally entitled to recover for the losses, injuries and damages caused by a crash, including those associated with your injuries, your pain and suffering, your medical expenses and lost wages.

If you are injured in an automobile crash, let The Barker Law Firm stand between you and the insurance companies.  You’ll be glad you did!   Call The Barker Law Firm at 727-564-9473.