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Why You Need A St Petersburg Auto Accident Attorney

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Auto Accidents, Videos

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident, there are hundreds of personal injury attorneys to choose from. Because the choice you make can easily affect the ultimate outcome of your case, you need to choose wisely. If you want decades of experience, high quality legal representation, and prompt, personal attention, you need to call attorney Brian Barker at the Barker Firm.

Brian will help you deal with the insurance companies to get payment for your medical bills, property, damage, and wage loss. He will also help you address the other important issues and decision you will face following an accident. If you’ve been hurt by another driver’s negligence or recklessness, you are entitled to justice and you may be entitled to compensation. Attorney Brian Barker is not afraid to fight for both. And no matter what it takes, if he can’t get a fair settlement for your case, his message through the insurance company and its attorney is “See you in court.”

Distracted driving is one of the biggest hazards on our Florida highways. Talking, texting, or simply fiddling with the GPS can divert a driver’s attention away from the wheel. And even a split second can lead to a major disaster. If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident because of someone else’s carelessness, call Brian Barker today or call 727-564-9473, your personal injury firm.